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Testimonials for the Manhattan Choral Ensemble

“Participating in the Manhattan Choral Ensemble’s new commissioning project has been an absolute delight from start to finish. It was an honor to be selected to compose a new piece for the choir and a special pleasure to have gotten to know this marvelous and talented group of people in the process. I feel fortunate to have entered their circle of music-making.”
—George Andoniadis

“The MCE did a tremendous job with my piece, “Meeting the British”—I can’t thank Thomas Cunningham and the choir enough for all their hard work and energy. It was one of the happier perfomance events for a premiere that I’ve had in a long time. I thought the whole concert was impressive, and was blown away by the ambition and execution of a choral concert with three premieres on it.”
—A.J. McCaffrey

“In 2005, The Manhattan Choral Ensemble very ambitiously decided to commission and perform three works by living composers. They asked me to write one of them, and I was incredibly impressed not only with how they performed my own work, but with their flexibility in performing three new works side-by-side, each one requiring different techniques, timbres, degrees of emotional engagement. This young ensemble was great to work with, easygoing and professional, and most importantly, comprised of committed musicians who treat contemporary music as respectfully as they do older music.”
—Nico Muhly

“The Manhattan Choral Ensemble, directed by Thomas Cunningham, is an excellent group of young, enthusiastic singers that sings with pure tone and wonderful musicality. Tom is a terrific young conductor, filled with good ideas, technique, and the ability to bring out the best from his singers.”
—Dongsok Shin
Recording Engineer and Producer

“The Manhattan Choral Ensemble (Thomas Cunningham, Director) performed on our ‘Arts at Earl’ series during the 2001-02 season. Their musicality, their professionalism, and their connection with the audience made for an incredible performance. We were very pleased with the response, so much so that we asked them to perform the following year on the more prestigious ‘Music at St. Paul’s Chapel’ concert series. Again, the feedback from our audience was enthusiastic. I highly recommend this ensemble to you.”
—Nancy Kito
formerly Events Manager, St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University
Events Coordinator, Special Programs at The New School

“The Manhattan Choral Ensemble is one of the most exciting, young, and fresh choral ensembles in New York City. With innovative programming, intelligent singing, and a strong commitment to the development of choral sound, the MCE achieves excellence in every performance. Tom Cunningham, director, has a special ability to bring musical understanding to audiences through his program notes and in-concert explanation. The MCE brings an energy to performing both a cappella and orchestral choral music that fosters a new flavor of sound enticing to the music lover.”
— Patrick Walders D.M.A.
Director of Choral Activities, James Madison University

“Musical precision! A delicate sound that engulfs the listener. A fantastic balance of dynamics and intonation rarely brought to newly commissioned works.”
—Don Spaulding
Classical recording engineer and producer, Symphonic Sound